Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, the Bob Books!

Joe can now read!! It is so fun watching him sound the words out and "get" the story! After he realized he could read he told Mike, "everyone in our family can now read...except Olive!"
I love this little boy more than words can even utter!

This is how I found Sara yesterday. Painting her own nails with her own princess polish. She was so happy she can do it all by herself. Thank God she remembered to paint in the bathroom. We talked about having a contest to see who can grow their finger nails out faster. Unfortunatly, she has my bad habit of biting her nails. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Uncle Nathan did it again! This picture really does NOT do the dinner justice! He made homemade mac-n-cheese and bacon wrapped shrimp. AND my favorite garlic butter dipping sauce! To die for REALLY!

We finally met "cul-de-sac Mike" Nathan has several "Mikes" in his life and he nick-names them and this is cul-de-sac Mike. We shared New Years Eve with him and his wife Shannon. They live a few doors down from Nathan and Jamie, very fun night!

Our loot....Nathan did NOT spare a dime! We popped fireworks for HOURS!!

Sara and Emily, Mike and Shannon's little girl.

Party like it's 1999!!
The last time we range in the new year with Nathan and Jamie was in 2000. I think we went to bed around 3:00a.m., I am sad to report I was the first one to give in!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

80's Lady

YIKES!!! here is my new hair cut. BTW, I am getting another cut today and try to salvage this! I thought my days of bad cuts were gone....

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

The only thing she wanted...Mia the American girl doll.

Joe and all his jelly bracelets...150 to be exact! this is his thing. He never takes them off and he passed them out to all his friends.

Uncle Flint trying to keep up the family tradition to finish a large puzzle in one day! BTW we still have it laying out. It is the hardest puzzle we have ever worked on.

Her first BIBLE!

Funny Funny story! Every year our church puts on this Santa helper shopping event for the kids. It is really cool to see what the kids pick out. You take your kids to the church and then they go behind a big curtain and they pick out and wrap a gift for the people on their list. The kids are so proud of what they picked and can't wait until you open it to tell you all about their choice. This year Joe picked a very special Cat Calendar for Mike. BTW Greg got some really nice camo gloves! We are got a huge laugh from the cat calendar. Joe said that Mike can take it to work and use it at his office! hee hee....

Views from Christmas Eve

After the Christmas Eve service we had our church friends over for some good food and hopefully a new tradition!

Sally Sara and Carson

My little family. This is by brother and my mom. Yes, all at church! My brother goes once a year with us, if he likes it or not! ;)

Fiona in the Christmas pageant

Hannah also in the pageant.

All the girls singing.

My other side of the family, earlier in the day my Dad stopped by to see the kids.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Bye Texas Stadium!!

The last hoo-rah. The last cowboy home game ever to be played in Texas Stadium. I have had a ton of memories in that stadium. I won't even begin to mention The Von Erick's, Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, Chris Adams and Sunshine! AND Garth himself. Am I getting old??
Our friends Nathan and Jamie came in town to tailgate for the game and to celebrate the farewell. It was a very cold night, but enjoyed making the memories!

the 1st party of the season!! THe Rah Rah Christmas Brunch

Liz and her nephew.

Jennifer with her boys.

Our Marathon Runner Darcy and one of her girls.

Look at this picture!! Dylan and Santa. Sara Brown's boy

No way getting in that man's lap!

Robin, Bailey and almost Riley

The gang's all here! As I have mentioned before I have been friends with these girls since we where in Jr high school! I am not going to do the math for you. About 5 or 6 years ago we started having a Christmas brunch and then when we had kids we invited Santa. In the past Santa has been Jennifer's father-in law, but now we have been blessed with Liz's uncle. Funny Funny time...really! Our posse has grown to 10 kids. G
Good food and great memories...