Monday, July 27, 2009

Sky Ranch!

This is Sara's first year to go to summer camp. We signed her up for Sky Ranch, in east Texas. She went with a friend from church, Hannah. First, we had to get her a trunk and she had to decorate it, with the help of little brother!

If we decorated the car there were free cookies at the gate. So, of course we did! Here they are, READY to go! Two little girls so ready to be at camp! Sara was more excited than I have ever seen her!

On the trailer heading to the cabin, you can't hear all the screaming and yelling from all the counselors! So fun! I would have stayed if they would have let me. I love camp!!!

The name of her cabin! (Don't cry Sarah Keith)

Sara and Hannah on their bunk beds. Sara is on the bottom. The girl before her left behind a fan, Sara thought she was so lucky!!
So sweet. Mike has never been to camp. I think all of this was a little too much for Daddy.

Off they go!! All I could think about was the day we left her in Kindergarten. The teacher had to PULL her out of my arms, as she was crying and pitching a huge fit! She has grown up so fast! She was so brave.
I am one proud momma!
I pick her up Saturday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mike's # 1 Girl...

Allow me to introduce you to Mike's Grandmother! My husband loves his grandmother more than you can even imagine! When Mike was a little boy she would often rent beach houses and his family would enjoy a week at the beach. So being at the beach with his MiMi brings back a ton of childhood memories for him. She has been a major support and influence in his life. She has not been to the beach for about 2 years, when he invited her and she sad she would go he was like a little kid in a candy store!! He could not wait to take her to the beach.

Joe caught his first KEEPER speckled trout.

What a trooper Fran was. Mike said she fished just as hard as Joe. She held up her big catch too! Good day on the boat! We brought the boat home to Dallas to get prepared for another Hurricane season! No big ones please!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July in Memphis

We headed to Memphis for the 4th. Greg's family is from Memphis. His sister Jane lives on a lake and has an annual 4th of July party. A fun filled weekend with a boat parade, fishing contest and fireworks on the lake. Great memories!!!
The annual boat Parade. We decorated Aunt Jane's boat and joined the others for a very fun stroll on the lake. The private lake is only a 1/2 mile long and about 100 meters wide.
Aunt Jane, Greg's sister, steering the boat in the parade.

This is what we looked like most of the weekend, just chilling in the lake!

Sara fishing in the fishing contest!

Her winning catch!! 2 perch and a small bass. She won the girls contest! She was so excited. Yes, Joe fished and fished and fished...all weekend. He was so disappointed he didn't catch ANYTHING! and let em tell you lately fishing is the only thing Joe wants to do. He finally caught a fish the morning we were leaving.

Sara collecting her prize!
Fishing contest group photo!

Finished the weekend off at the famous DRY rib restaurant, Rendezvous! We Texans discovered we like a messy rib, not the dry stuff. Although a very cool destination and worth going!

Thanks Aunt Jane for the memories!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


and away we go....

mike and I by the big sign announcing the race in Squaw Valley Ski resort.

Truckee River outside of our condo. Ice cold from the melt off of the snow.
Mike, Fran and I at Lake Tahoe. Crystal blue water.

This is the guy who started it all 36 years ago. Gordy Ansley. These guys think he is more famous than Brad Pitt! Really! He is a hero to the ultra community. He first ran the 100 miles b/c his horse gave out during the house race that takes place on the same course.
The tall guy is Mike's pacer, Steve from Wisconsin. Thanks Steve! He was supposed to take Mike to the finish and run a total of 30 miles. But, he only completed 7. :(
Some of Mike's running friends, Drew and Matt.
This is A.M.

Awaiting the start. Nathan, Fran and I.

Mike was very excited to get started, after waiting 365 days!

Almost 400 people started, half dropped out for one reason or another.

This is what is looks like while we were waiting for Mike to stop by the aid station. It is kinda like pit row. He comes in and we give him whatever he might need at that point. Turn him around as fast as possible!
This is what he looks like when we saw him at mile 30. BTW, the last time we will see him well! It was about 11:30am.
Us driving to the next aid station
the Krewe WAITING at an aid station. Michigan Bluff.
CREW stands for cranky runner endless waiting.....

My poor baby! This is the result of vomiting for about 6 hours and not being able to keep anything down. It was a very hot day to run. Mike does not do well in the heat. He completed 62 miles. He stopped running about midnight. At midnight we MADE him go to the medical tent to see if he needed and aid. He did, of course! Mike is deathly afraid of getting shots let alone having an IV. He looked at me with a death look and said," I AM NOT GETTING AN IV!" I said, "oh yes you will." He finally gave in after the medical team finally just said to him, "which arm?" He was so very brave and after two hours of fluid rushing into his body he felt better and was finally able to urinate. Which is the sign of health in these kinda races!

Now off to RENO so I can throw some dice!!
I love you baby!!!
I'll keep you all posted, he is entering the lottery for next years race.....