Tuesday, March 24, 2009

oh yeah, this little blog of mine....

In the world of of Facebook...my blog is suffering. So sorry for ALL of you enquiring minds!! ;)

so let's get you all caught up.....Joe lost his first tooth!

Sara wore a dress! I mad a few dresses for her about 2 years ago and that is just about the time she decided she was no longer going to wear dresses! The dresses all hung in her closet for at least 2 years. She came out of her room dressed for church and said, "what do you think momma?" I nearly lost it! I told her she looked like an American girl doll and she bought it!

Amber and Rick came over for dinner. My kids love when they come over b/c they don't bring any children with them and they give my kids full attention!!

The Sheebs came for spring break! The kids had a ball and Lisa and I had a case of her new wine, gotta love that Winking Owl! Lots of laughs and catching up with our old friends. She is still promising a move BACK!

I think that's it.....later for now!