Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look what I bought in Canton!!

So the story goes...this is an antique corbel/bracket from a house in New Orleans. I have walked pass this for months now! I love it! I finally snatched it up...the guy said this was his last weekend at Canton. Sure??? As you can guess my husband LOVES when I bring home junk like this, I am hoping to win him over with the New Orleans slant! :) here's hoping. The last time I went to Canton, a few months ago, I came home with an old door I bought for $5. It's still leaning up in the garage! hee hee.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Had to share...a project I just completed.



I just wanted to show one of my jobs. I talk a lot about my work but many don't ever get to see my projects. I feel so blessed to be able to make things pretty and transform interiors for my clients! I should really consider a portfolio! :) Who has time for that...I must blog and facebook! hee hee...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our little weekend trip...1200 miles in 3 days!!

Yes, I traveled with the kids to see Lisa in KC. She is my dear friend that moved away and left me here in Dallas! :) We went for the home town college homecoming.
Northwest University Bearcats!

Sara and Holly are going as the Little Mermaid for Halloween!

Joe and Wesa are really good buddies.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love this man.....

Big TEX!!
I get to see him once a year. We have a very simple relationship, he waves and we pose for pictures!! hee...hee...

Can't you hear Joe laughing. This is the ladybug ride. My personal favorite! My kids are not scared of fast rides at all, it was hard to get them out of the main Midway this year. They didn't want to go to kiddy land. Joe saw the single loop ride and said, " that one momma, I want to go around and around!!" He didn't get to ride it.

We stayed till dark this year! Oh the lights. I just can't get enough.

Why don't we...get together more often?

This is my college buddy Sarah. We met during some interior design class and became fast friends. We lived together for a while and we were in each others weddings, I love her dearly! Our families got together for dinner at her new house in Heath. We had a blast. I never understand why we don't share more time together with the ones we love!!

This is Sara, Joe and Addie playing. Addie and Joe are just weeks apart.

Wes and Lily...the twins! :) Wes always happy to pose for a picture...

Thanks for the memories...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Camping @ Caddo Lake

Here is our gear! We pulled the pop-up and tied down a canoe and off to Caddo Lake for a 3 night stay. Mike's Aunt Nanie and Uncle John came from Louisiana to camp with us. We usually head to beach every year, but still no power at the beach house.

I LOVE this picture. This is just about all Joe wants to do...FISH...FISH...FISH

Our Crew!

Is that a crooked smile I see from Joe-man???

Our first break...

Well, here she is with her cast! Sara fell off the monkey bars at school last week and landed on her wrist. We first went to the doctor on wed( the day of the fall), her doctor said she had full range of motion and didn't want to x-ray. By Friday she was really in pain, so we went back and then they x-rayed it and YES! it was broke! She loved getting the cast and loves having people sign all over it...