Monday, October 19, 2009

Sara's first concert...Miley Cyrus

First, I little bit of history. Mike and his friend Nathan were in a band in high school, in the 80's. They actually had paying gigs! Nathan was the front man, Mike played the bass and they had another friend that played the drums, Stacy Jones. Fast forward 25 years...Stacy now plays drums for MILEY CYRUS!!!!! Which is very cool! Mike and Nathan have kept up with Stacy through the years, Stacy has played for several bands. He is a very talented drummer. He actually is the music director for Miley.

Enjoy a few pictures from their band, Paris!

Mike and his first bass and amp!

Nathan sitting behind the drums.

Here they are recording. Mike is on the far right singing with Stacy.

Present day, on Stacy's tour bus!

A few months ago we learned that the tour was going to pass through Dallas. I begged Mike to make the call and get the hook up. But, he had not talked to Stacy for a while and didn't really want to call and ask for tickets. Mike did call him just to see if he had time to get a bite to eat or just to say hello. While they were one the phone Stacy said he didn't have much time, "why don't you just come down to the show, I can get you in and show you around!!" YEAHHHH!! Sara was beside herself! So it was on, the ultimate date with Daddy!

Back stage. Miley's mic stands. one for Hannah and one for Miley.

Their seats. They sat next to the sound booth.

I can turn the silly thing ???

Sara loved this part. Miley road through the air on a motorcycle.
again, can't turn it...sorry!

After the show the met Stace backstage again and he gave Sara his drum sticks. His name and Miley Cyrus are printed on the sticks. What a gift! Thanks Stacy Jones!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

our new kitchen...

My little kitchen remodel. I have had a picture torn out of a magazine for as long as I can remember. In the picture was open shelves in the kitchen. Our kitchen is a normal galley style, long and narrow. I have never really enjoyed the style. I have always wanted to up date the look. So, I tore down the upper cabinets and replaced them with shelves!


After! I am really happy with the finished product! And Mikey likes it too! ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh! Mr. Flu...please go away!

This is all I have looked at for the past 7 days!
Last Wednesday I picked up Sara from school and she started to cry. Her teacher said she began to cry about an hour before they let out. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I don't feel good." We went home and took her temp., it was 100. Let me just say it has not come down in 7 days!! Joe got it the very next day!
Last weekend we had plans to go the Kansas City to visit the Sheebs. I have not canceled a trip, ever! I was very sad! Coming up in 4 days the McMartins are headed to town to stay with us...I am starting to get worried about them coming????
I am NOT one to take my kids to the doctor, I never have been! I know there is nothing they can do. The flu is a virus, it has to run it's course! But, at 9:30 today I am taking the kids. I think just because I want to get out of the house. ;) I am going to make them wear mask. I'll try to get that on film too... hee hee!