Monday, November 9, 2009

My birthday present!!

This was my very first car! A 1967 Volkswagon Bettle! I loved this car more than words can say! My parents bought it for me when I turned 16, for $300! I only actually drove the car for about 3 years. I totaled it in an accident on my way to Krystala and Shawn Hogues wedding in 1993. I didn't have the money to replace the engine(which is what it needed). So, it sat in my mom's driveway for the next 3 years! I did NOT want to get rid of it, I was planning on fixing it some day! Meanwhile, I met Mike and we were planning the wedding and we needed money for the weeding. During the 3 years the car sat in the drive way, a particular VW lover, would often stop by the house and ask my mom if she was ready to sell? Well, one day she said YES! I was away at SFA and had NO IDEA she was selling MY car!! She did and needless to say we were able to have a DJ at the wedding. :) I have missed that car for many years! If I had it today I would still be driving it, I love the sound they no onther car EVER!! I often talk about this situation and the fact that I would love to own a bug again!

On my birthday this year our dear friend Nathan gave me a true gem! He found a trunk cover of a VW Bug and painted it green, just like my car!! He even made me personalized plates, like I always wanted! I hung it in my office! I just love it!!

Thanks Nathan!! I LOVE IT!!!