Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's official... Christmas has begun!

The annual Christmas choir performances! I love this time of year.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan...40!

Well, Vegas again! Yes, it's Nathan's 40th birthday...where else would we go?
We started the weekend with Nathan's marathon run. Great job Nate!

Only in Vegas...

Jamie, Mike and I doing the crew thing to do...wait! It was a beautiful day. We found a nice comfy spot on the astro turf.

Oh! The shirts. I had these shirts made as a surprise to Nate. Man did we have fun with these. EVEREYONE was giving Nate a shout out for his birthday. Even Prince at the Prince tribute band show that we went to. So very funny, we just might find another use for the shirts.

What an awesome tribute band. If you are ever in Vegas, go to Hooters and see this band! Very good. We had a ball.

As if we didn't have enough fun...the ACA, a new country award show was filming at our hotel! So we went to the red carpet event. Jamie and I were acting like two little high school girls.
Celebrity love!!

Carrie Underwood! So very pretty!!

Yuck, Carrot top!

Not sure of his name, but he sings that song Lover, Lover.
What a weekend! I forgot to mention I saw the Garth Brooks show! Oh my what a cutie! I sure do miss the G-man...

Nathan, Happy Birthday! Thanks for the memories...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a full life..

This is one of my favorite pictures! It is my grandparents on my Dad's side. Grandma Lilly and Papaw Mac. My grand ma passed away in 2007, my grandpa passed away before Thanksgiving. I just couldn't let it go by without sharing a little bit of their life with you.
They lived in Texas City, a small town in far south Texas. they were married for 63 years and 11 months! What a joy to be around. My grandfathers biggest joy in life was family. Oh how he loved being around people and he gave the best hugs! He was 93 years old. He was the founding member of the Texas City AA chapter. He was sober for 39 years. He was a man to be honored!
Love you Papaw Mac!

my little boy of fall

Well, the Joe-man was not a big fan of football! So I thought I should post these pictures because this might just be the last pictures of Joe playing any kind of sports! Really. he is just not that in to it! To say the least. Notice him in the huddle?? He is in the orange shorts.

Joe is playing center. He only liked this position because his goal was to see if he could hike the ball over the quarter backs head...

Oh well...on to the band! ;) If he is in the band I still can go to the Friday night football games!! Hey, maybe the drums?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

our Marine...

We are so very proud of Uncle Zach. Last month Zach received his Purple Heart form the US Marines. The service was held in at the base in Tex arcana.

Here is the General placing the medal on Zach's uniform. Man, I can't tell you what a special moment this was for me and my family. Zach was injured back in July. He was driving his truck when he ran over a buried bomb. He and several of the men in the truck were injured. Needless to say our prayers were answered, although his foot is hurt he is safe!
Zach's parents, Fran, Greg and his birth father Chip.

Thanks for your service Zach!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

where have you been...

ok, I am back in business? Sorry for the delay... all my waiting fans...
Sally, Sara and Joe at the Texas State Fair!

Monday, July 26, 2010

so long white van...

Well, I wish I could say that I am sad, but....I am NOT! Last week my van died. Have you ever seen that car that is smoking and spuing liquid from the engine? Yup, that was me! Drove it straight to the shop and they looked at me and said, "you will not be driving this car home." I just kinda laughed. The repair cost is WAY more than the car is worth. So ,we are donating it to the Dallas Can Academy.
So long chitty chitty bang bang!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Joe got a ride on Grandma's walker.

Memories that will last a life time! I never dreamed my children would ever get to know my grandmother. We were visiting her and while we were walking back to her room she said to Joe, "get on, I'll give you a ride!" I didn't think she could push him! And of course she proved me wrong. Even though she is only 86 pounds, she gave him a ride. Joe loved it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the beach is open for business...

Olive enjoying the wind in her hair. She can't get up to any speed these days!
Oh, to feel young again.

Sara and her red fish. Nice job honey. In true Sara fashion, she caught this fish and then pretty much stopped fishing. She looks good though. And I got the picture. That's all that really matters, right?

Catch of the day. Joe had the best fishing day ever, one Mike could only dream of. Fishing according to mike: catching a red fish, speckled trout and a flounder all in one day. Joe achieved Mikes dream this trip. Joe caught all three in one day! Keepers too!
Let's just say he was a proud poppa!
above is his red fish(one with the dot)
below is the flounder and speckled trout

"cut the fish, Daddy! Let's eat!"

Friday, May 7, 2010

my lucky client!

I can't even stand it!! I can't believe I didn't take a before picture of this chair. I have a client that is redoing her living room. We went with the standard sofa and two chairs. But, we needed one more small accent chair to make the room all come together. This chair was sitting in a small office covered with books and upholstered with terrible fabric from 20 years ago. I love a good channel back chair. I love texture. I found this fabric and fell in love with it. Never did I dream that my upholstery shop would do such a fabulous job! I am dropping the chair off tomorrow, I'll try to get a photo of the entire room. Sometimes it's hard not to keep things for myself!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My sweet little angel, from the hand of God!

I gave Sara her first bible on Christmas day. I was so very excited to give her the perfect gift. Well, shortly after, she lost it! We searched everywhere, all over church, all over the house, we just assumed it was gone forever. She found it about a two weeks ago, buried in on of many bags she collects. She was so excited! She asked if she could take it to school and read it there. I was kinda worried she might get in trouble or something, but I said yes.

Yesterday, she was so excited to show me a letter she wrote. Read below!

I can't wait to see the work God is going to do in her little life!

Thank you God for my sweet little angel!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Joe-man turned 7...father time please!!! slower...

Thanks Uncle Nathan for the traveling Nome! Joe loved it, he knew exactly what it was b/c we love the amazing race. They often have to carry the Nome around while they race.

Joe and is main man Will.

Check out my shirt! I ordered it on-line. Joe loved it!

The perks of having your dad work for the radio station! Joe's birthday was announced on Mike's station, KLTY! Joe was excited but a little scared he was going to be late for school! Too funny!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off to war...

This is Mike's brother, better know as Uncle Zach. He shipped off Monday to protect our country! He will be stationed in Afghanistan. Needless to say we are proud and supportive. However, this has become a new prayer in our family, please God keep uncle Zach safe! I am not sure how long his tour is, please join us and add Zach to your prayers.

Thank you Zach! We love you!