Monday, June 15, 2009

Madagorda Island...

Don't know if many of you know the story of Matagorda Island? Nathan and Mike first went( I think in college), then Mike took his brother when he graduated high school. Needless to say he has always wanted to take me...and the kids. This island used to be a state park, it's now deserted. We had to take EVERYTHING we needed for 4 nights, yes w/o electricity! I was NOT very happy about going. I was scared someone was going to kill us and no one would ever find us??


On the boat dock ready to go. Boat loaded down, sun screen on and gas in the tank.

Our camp site. Home sweet home!

Not kidding, within the first 5 minutes we were there Joe slices his toe open in the water on an oyster shell. Literally, the words are coming out of Mike's mouth,"Joe watch out for the shells and keep your shoes on!" Sara, "TOO LATE DADDY!"

Keeper red fish. This was supposed to be our last meal of our stay, but an alligator got to it before we did.

Oh yeah! more fishing!

Searching for minnows. This is what the kids did the entire time. All day long.

Funny story about the light house. Did I mention it was 3 miles from our camp site? It took us 1 hour to get there. We brought the kids bikes and we ran beside them. HOT! HOT! HOT! Great memories. This light house is on the national registry of historical sights.

This is my man, doing what he loves to do...this is why we went!

Hami and Joe great buddies! Just like their dads!
Back at Galveston, with Nate and Hami.

My favorite picture of all from dinner, there was no way the Hami was going to eat the crab we caught so we scrounged the house for a meal for him...this is what he chose. Apple sauce, doritos, and left over pancakes with grape jelly on them. Classic! BTW, his mother was not there.

This is what the rest of us enjoyed!!

Last night, swimming, bonfire, and Uncle Nathan with the fireworks!

Summer here we come!!!