Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Well, not that great of a picture. I tried! Here she is...93 years old! I took the kids by after school to wish her a Happy Birthday!
She is in good spirits, as always! I usually get the same line of questions, she only has about 5. This time she had a new one, "Does your mom have a cat or dog?" We have NEVER had a cat! We are not cat people. Too funny. I have no idea what is going on in her brain. It is very sad to see her slip away from us. I am grateful to have her, I know. But, she will be the first to tell you, she is ready to go. She usually tells me if there was a pill she would take it. I tell her she is too mean to go, God is still working on her! She laughs. I never dreamed she would be alive to see my kids. I keep telling her before we know it she will be at Sara's graduation. Her reply, God I hope not! Here's to you Kathryn! BTW, her sister is 95.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Off they go....3rd and 1st

By the time the bell rang there were at least 400 parents out front! Love the neighbor hood school!

We walked up to Joe's locker and I said to him, "oh look you share a locker with Jared, you will have to get to know Jared!" Joe replied, " mom, he is the guy that gave me the black eye last year!" My reply, "well Joe, stay clear of Jared!"

As I am posting this it's already 1:00! Where did my day go???

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sara's Dancy Party!

OK! So this is my first video blog! I am so excited! My little camera takes video, so fun!

Sara wanted to have a dance party and teach all her friends how to do the dance from the Hannah Montana Movie, hoe-down, throw-down! This meant that I had to learn the dance enable to teach the dance. Sara and I had a blast learning the dance on you-tube.

Happy Birthday Sara!! the big 8...please slow down!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Come back to Texas! Our big Show!!

Well, here we are...too scared to start! Here how the performance went. Our dear friends the Osborn;s are moving to Omaha( actually today) They had a going away party. D'Lane was busy planning her performance and writing lyrics to a farewell song. So, Sara thought it was going to be a night of performances by our friends??? And I was not going to inform her she was wrong. I am always trying to get her out of her shell and be silly and teach her it is OK if people laugh "WITH" you. So she picked a song "Come Back to Texas." Very appropriate. And we made up a little dance. yikes!! The night of the party Sara had asked her friend Sally to help with a small part in the dance, Sally agreed right up until showtime! Sara lost it! I began to cry too, I DID NOT WANT TO get up in front of 100 people and do a little dance! ;) Just really watering eyes. I am terrified to get up in front of people. We regrouped and reset the ipod. And off we went! She did great and never missed a beat. Here are some highlights. BTW, those are my new boots! Thanks momma! Sara insisted that we wear our boots, I aim to please!!

Good bye Niki and Doug, Patrick and Olivia!!
"Come Back to Texas"

Monday, August 10, 2009

oh, one last trip to the beach, summer 2009!

What a view!!

This was our spot! We spent three days at the beach and lasted only because this $20 cover saved our lives! Each day we would spent at least 5 hours out on the water. So fun!
Holly and Sara
Joe and Wesley
You can only see a sunset like this at the beach...
All the kids playing under the house.
D'Lane and her girls.
Lisa and her kids.
My sweet friends. Thanks for the memories ladies!!
We made a fire on the beach and then roasted smores! So yummy!