Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And their off...

Off to the races! Our annual tradition for Mother's Day! Lone Star Park in Arlington.

Granny and Big Daddy...they are so cute!

We kinda ignore the fact that we are teaching our children to bet on the ponies. ;)
The kids have a ball, they run around in the grass and eat as much as they possible can!
Good mom picture. Nancy(memaw), me and Fran(Granny).

Michael Paul and his mommy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

my running man

This is what running 100 miles looks like. I never knew one would "need" so many different kinds of shoes to just run! I took this picture in our garage, I don't allow these shoes to come in the house. You can only imagine what they smell like. We began talking last night about heading to California again for the Western States 100. There are a tons of things that we have to prepare for to run this race. Mike is in heavy training mode right now, we are about 50 days away from the race. I was so proud of his accomplishment when he finished the Rockie Raccoon. I can only imagine how we all will feel when he crosses the finish line for Western. A race we have planed for for about two years! I'll keep you posted...
Thanks for all of your support. Race day is June 27th...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

All grown up....


3" off


This was NOT my idea! He said he wanted to be bald like daddy. I begged him to wait until summer. He couldn't stand it, he wanted a buzzzzzz

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As they say in New Orleans! Let the good times roll! And I must say, we did just that.
We headed to NO for the first times since the hurricane. We had tickets to see Wilco( Mike and Nate's favorite band) at Jazz Fest. Beautiful weather and good friends too! Nathan, Jamie, Shannon, "cul-de-sack" Mike and us.

This is the most disgusting grocery store you could ever imagine. Inside it is much like the soup guy on Seinfeld. But, they sale the most famous Mufalatta you have ever eaten! Really! It was our first stop.

The boys enjoying a bloody mary, on the street of course!

This is "cul-de-sack" Mike. Nathan has about 4 "mike's" in his life and they are distinguished by their specific titles. Also, if you could not tell it was his first time to New Orleans.

Oysters on the half shell. If you so choose! Not me.

Jamie and I enjoying some Margaritas at Jazz Fest.

Ok! I'll try to tell this story the best I can. We went to Jazz Fest with about 5000 other people. The only band the guys wanted to see was Wilco. We had our plan all worked out, where we were going to sit and how close we were to the Margarita Machine! THEN, Jamie and I had to go potty. We found this special area REALLY up close to the stage. But, you had to have a certain sticker for the guy to let you by...Jamie and I started flirting with the guard and then he said to us," hand me that sticker on the ground!" We looked down and picked it up and stuck it on Jamie's shirt and walked right by the guard!! We had made it in!!! But, the guys were still back at our original spot. After a crazy exit from the guarded location I got the guys and we all got into the secluded area on just ONE sticker!! We were feet from the stage! I don't think we could have ever given the guys suck a great treat! They were in heaven!!

Here is Wilco.

Happy as ever!

Crazy cow bell man! Lots of laughs!