Monday, July 28, 2008


Sara just makes me so happy! She has REALLY helped can see Joe in the background catching bugs. :)

The past few summers I was really busy at our church doing a ton of volunteering. This summer all I wanted to do is spend some time with the kids. So...I made a promise I would build them a tree house, not thinking they would press me as much as they have been. Last week we bought a book and started planning! Here is the beginning of our tree house!I'll keep you posted!! ha ha

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Playing in the street!

Remember when it was OK to play in the street. We didn't have much water to splash in, but this brought back so many memories when I was a kid. I lived near an intersection where all the rain merged together...we used to sit in the street and just splash around.
Oh! the good ol' days....

Uncle Ken and Aunt Ardis' Lake house!

We have enjoyed the lakes this summer. Fran's brother has just retired and purchased a house on Lake LBJ in Austin. We had a great time enjoying family and free time! Thanks Kenneth and Ardis...

Yes, that is Fran on the tube!!

Aunt Ardis loved helping Sara with MORE ice cream.

Uncle Kenneth teaching Joe the skills of video games!

Sara is on the boat with Joe and Mike on the tube in the back ground! I love this picture.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July! Big weekend in Dallas!

Joe man and his big catfish.
Let's just say he has caught the fishing fever.

Catching bait at the lake with Amber's mother, Honora.
Never tried this before? She put a towel under the water and floated bread on the water and then waited for the bait to come, then lifted the towel and there they were! Very exciting to Joe!

The Lake Highlands Parade! What fun it was to ride in a parade. It's only one block long
and can I just tell you it was HOT. Great neighborhood gathering. I just love our little neighborhood.

Missing my friend Lisa!
Read the koosey(sp?) carefully. I got this with her on my trip to Maryville.

Hanging out in the pool with Niki and D'Lane! Again, missing Lisa! :)

Hanging with friends at the Maselunas. The Thompsons and the Willis.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The race that wasn't...

Mike has been training for this race for almost a YEAR!! He was ready both mentally and physically, which this race would have taken BOTH to finish. When we arrived in Reno on Wednesday, we could not figure out if it was smog or smoke or fog that was floating in the air?? Come to find out it was for sure smoke! Smoke from the CA wild fires that started burning the day before. Shortly after we landed we picked up Mike's pacer, Steve , he flew in from Wisconsin. We found out at soon as we arrived in Squaw Valley(start of the race) there may NOT be a race after all! A LONG 4 hours later we finally found out that there would in fact be NO race. Just too dangerous to send the runners off in the woods with fire! So we made the best of it!

Lemons in to Lemonade!!
See the smoke??

This is Mikes "pacer" Steve! He was going to help Mike run the last 40 miles! After you run 60 miles alone the race allows you to have someone run alongside you, a "pacer!"

Isn't he cute! ALL READY TO GO!! We hiked UP a 3.7 mile path to the top of Emigrant Pass, which was the first aid station. It took us 1 hour and 24 min! TOUGH!! trust me!

Part of the trail!

I just love the shirts!
See you next year!!
WS 100